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When high interest rate credit card debt gets you down, Brice Capital is here to lift you up. We make getting out of debt easy with a low interest rate debt consolidation loan: stop creditor calls, stop multiple bills, stop feeling weighed down. With Brice Capital your payments will be almost 50% less than what you are currently paying, and you'll only have one easy payment to make each month. All you need to do is complete our brief application - don’t worry about knowing exact amounts, we only ask you for estimates. Since we aren’t asking for your Social Security number, we won’t be pulling your credit at this time. It’s time to breathe easy with Brice Capital.



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Following your current payment plan, you will pay total interest of
to your current banking institution before paying off your debt.

Brice Capital RATE

With Brice Capital, you will pay a total interest of


Chicago, IL
My life had gotten completely out of control. I was newly divorced, furnishing a new apartment, trying to entertain my kids. I was bleeding money. To be honest, spending money made me feel good. But, then when the bills started coming in, I was not okay. I was in a dark place until I heard about Brice Capital. They offered no judgement, and just helped. I feel so much better. Thank you, Brice Capital.
McLean, VA
Losing my job was not only embarrassing but life changing. I hadn’t saved any money and was not prepared in any way. I paid my rent, my electric, my car, my medical bills – everything went on my cards. I even took out more cards to cover more. I dug myself into the biggest hole. When I contacted Brice Capital, they offered me a solution I could afford. They listened to me, worked with me, and made me see the light. I haven’t missed a payment, am almost completely debt free, and have a new job – I am on the rise! I could not have done this without Brice Capital.


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