6 Ways to Save on Apartments

6 Ways to Save on Apartments

There's nothing more exciting than a young person's first apartment! It's the marker of their entry into adulthood with their own, independent space. Most people are excited yet nervous to move out on their own. Renting your first apartment is tricky, so here are some ways to identify and avoid common stressors. We've compiled a list of the most common ones and provided answers about how to deal with each one. Good luck and happy apartment hunting!

Take the Time to Look Over the Rental Agreement

Apartments come with legal documents called leases. When you sign a lease, you become a tenant and agree to the conditions of the landlords in exchange for money. In exchange for your money, your landlord must fulfill their end of the agreement and fulfill their end of the bargain. You can lose your housing if you violate the lease and can also seek legal remedies against a landlord if they fail to fulfill lease obligations, such as repairs, etc. It's important to understand your lease. Look out for items about late fees, etc., to avoid incurring them.

Many people moving into their first apartment might not understand the lease. Thus, talk to your parents if you have questions. If you are a student, most schools have legal clinics where you can ask questions.

Take Pictures of Your Apartment When You Move In

This is another legal point. When you move into an apartment, take pictures of the condition you find it in. In the rare event that you have a dishonest landlord who accuses you of damaging the property, you will be able to prove the apartment was in whichever state you found it in. Now, due to Coronavirus, some landlords are scheduling virtual walking tours of the apartment. The same rules would apply — take pictures of your apartment in the condition you find it in.

Take Care in Selecting Your Roommates

Most people struggle to afford their first apartment and need roommates. If you already know people at your school or in your town, be selective about who you choose to live with. Your fun friends who are fun because they party. If you move in with party friends, they have a tendency to turn your apartment into party central. We recommend moving in with more studious types or other people who have to work. If you have responsibilities, then you can avoid being frazzled by rowdy roommates by avoiding them from the beginning.

Pick an Affordable Apartment and Treat Your Landlord Well

Your first apartment is an experience in defining your own style and independence. Since it is your first apartment, one of the stressor is figuring out how to pay rent. You have to make a list of how much you can afford to spend and still make rent. Save a hundred or small amount for emergency rent money if you have unintended expenses. It's important to be nice to your landlord in case you have trouble making rent one month. You never know if you will be able to get an extension.

Personalize Your Space

Apartments are often a stepping stone to your next place in life, but some people actually prefer them. No matter where you live, always make a little area of your apartment cozy for you. It could be some simple posters or items you already own. The key here is that the apartment is your space and place to retreat from the world.

Maintain Some Boundaries With Neighbors

Since you do not know the people who live around you well, remember to follow safety rules like locking your windows and doors as a precaution. Between personalizing your space and protecting it, you will feel home in no time.


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